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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 182: A Look Around the NFL with Special Guest Dayna O’Gorman

Welcome back to the show Seahawks fans! The Seahawks Playbook Podcast is joined this week with special guest, Our Turf Football’s Senior Sports Writer Dayna O’Gorman. Dayna covers both the AFC West and NFC West teams at Our Turf and we are pleased to have her return to the show for the third time. Dayna brings great insight outside of our Seattle Seahawk bubble, but she’s also a huge Seahawks fan, so of course, there is plenty of conversation about your favorite team during the second half of this weeks show.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 181: 2020 Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the Seattle Seahawks

Welcome back to the show Seahawks fans! Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers are back to talk Seahawk football, and this week we forecast our best and worst case win/loss scenarios for the team in 2020. If everything goes right and it all comes together, can the team exceed expectations and get back to another Superbowl? If the Wheels come completely off the bus, how far can the team fall? Let’s dig in and find out those answers and more!

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 180: 2020 Offensive Breakout Players

Thanks for returning for another edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. This week your Host’s Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers return to discuss their lists of 2020 Breakout Players on defense. Each of us brought in our list of five players plus two additional rookies and we there’s a great conversation around that. Up front before we get started with the main topic we dive into the new Patrick Mahomes contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs and what it means for QB contracts into the future.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 179: 2020 Offensive Breakout Players

Up this week, Bill and Keith focus on 5 breakout players on the offensive side of the ball. Which guys do we think are going to take the largest steps forward to help the team in 2020. It’s a great list and we discuss each player in depth. As always, we brought our own player lists, so there are a couple of extra players to discuss, plus we throw in a couple of extra rookie players at the end of the show we think will have a impact this season.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 177: 4th Annual 53-Man Roster Prediction Show

Seattle Seahawks fans, where ever you may be, welcome back to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! It's good to have you join Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for our 4th annual 53-Man Roster Prediction Show. The last two shows have taken a deep dive into the 90-Man roster on both offense and defense, and we put it all together and narrow it down the the 53 players we think will make up the final roster. Of course this is based on the current players the Seahawks have under contract and there may be some movement between now and actual roster cut down day. We hope you enjoy the breakdown and how we both came to our roster decisions.