Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 32 The LA Chronicles

Open: Welcome to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Thanks for joining your Hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers. Our Seattle Seahawks enter their bye week in 1st place after beating the Rams 16-10 on the road in LA. Now they have a week off to get healthy.

In the News

  • Michael Bennett has plantar fasciitis issue. Given that Bennett has two weeks to heal, he should be in good enough condition to not miss any playing time.
  • Luke Joeckel having knee surgery to clean up some meniscus debris left over from his ACL/MCL repair last fall. Joeckel will miss Giants game and will back after that.
  • Seahawks worked out LT Brandon Albert, who ended up leaving without a deal, and inquired about trading for Houston’s Duane Brown. Brown remains an option, but they need to free up cap space to make it happen.


Featured Segment 1: Seahawks escape LA with 16-10 win over the Rams

  • Wilson was 24/31 for 198 yards, 1 TD and 1 Int.
  • No running game without Carson. Rawls 8 carries for 20 yards, Lacy 9 carries for 19 yards and McKissic 2 carries for 0 yards. That’s not going to inspire any confidence in the run game.
  • Defense holds NFL’s top offense to 10 points despite lack of offensive consistency to help, zero points in second half.
  • Defense collected 5 turnovers, including two each by Earl Thomas and Sheldon Richardson.
  • Todd Gurley held to 43 yards rushing and 50 total yards on 16 touches. Gurley came into the game averaging 149 yards on 27 touches per game.
  • Earl Thomas with “the chop” part 2!
  • Seattle’s defense now ranks #5 in the NFL in points allowed.


Featured Segment 2: How do we fix the offense?

  • Only 4 of 19 rushes by Seattle running backs went for at least 2 yards
  • Wilson 5.3 yards per pass
  • Wilson pressures on 53.9% of his passes per PFF

Bill and Keith discuss several different ways in which the Seahawks could get more efficiency out of their offense, including finding a way to add the best Zone Blocking LT in the NFL to the team, Duane Brown. This is Houston’s disgruntled tackle who has yet to suit up for a game this season due to a contract dispute.

Other fixes could include other schematic changing to line blocking, quick hitting pass routes and expanding the role of Russell Wilson in the Read Option look, especially if the team also added a few pass plays out of the read option to further complicate the job of the defense to defend those types of plays.

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Next week is the Bye Week Show, which will have special segments that include a look back at the season so far, a look forward to the Giants game the following Sunday as well as the rest of the season.  Check out the other fun segments we have planned as well!

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