Bill Alvstad is the lead writer at the website and the producer and host of the podcast, now entering it’s 5th year. Bill brings a wide scope of experience including over 40+ years of history following the team, and has extensive knowledge base related to the NFL draft, Free Agency, Film Study, the Salary Cap,  Roster Building and the NFL at large. Bill is the featured content creator and writer for the Seahawks Playbook Podcast Website, and the weekly podcast.

As the Seahawks Playbook Podcast producer, attention to the details are a must. Responsibilities include: Pre-production audio and video set up, in session recording, as well as all post-production audio and video mixing, final edits and publishing.  Serving as show host, he has appeared on over 220 consecutive weekly broadcasts of the show and conducted dozens of guest interviews. In addition, Bill has made guest appearances on several NFL Podcasts including: The Seahawkers Podcast, The Broad Street South Podcast, The Chase Thomas Podcast & the Emerald City Sportscast. Bill is an active Seahawks Twitter contributor @NWSeahawk.