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Seahawks Preseason Game 1 Review / Game 2 Preview

Seattle Seahawks fans, thanks for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for our latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! This week we finally turn our attention from the practice field to the stadium and have a discussion around an actual football game! The bad news of course, is that the Seahawks did not play well in their preseason opener away against the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Training Camp Week 2 Review / Game 1 Preview

Hawks Playbook Podcast Podcast Episode 127

Hawks Playbook Podcast Podcast Episode 127: Training Camp Week 2 Review / Game 1 Preview

Seahawks fans, welcome back for another episode of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. It’s week two of training camp so there is a lot of information that we cover in the show today. Roster moves, practices and who is standing out…and who is standing on the sidelines because of injuries? In addition, it’s Preseason Game Day #1! Finally!! Seahawks square off against the Denver Broncos at Century Link Field Thursday evening at 7:00pm (Pacific Time). Bill and Keith will go over which players we will be keeping out eyes on and what we would like to see overall for the first time out.

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Preseason Week 3/4 Roster Bubble Competitions

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 78

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 78: Preseason Week 3/4 Roster Bubble Competitions

Hey Hawks fans! Welcome back to the show. Keith and I have got a great one today as we take a hard look at the 53-man roster as the team is on the verge of cutting down its current 90-man roster to make final preparations for the regular season just around the corner. Before that, we have got one more preseason contest to get out of the way and then by this coming Saturday, the roster will be trimmed. We offer up our best estimations on who makes it, and who gets chopped.

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