Hawks Playbook Podcast EPS 78: Preseason Week 3/4 Roster Bubble Competitions

Hey Hawks fans! Welcome back to the show. Keith and I have got a great one today as we take a hard look at the 53-man roster as the team is on the verge of cutting down its current 90-man roster to make final preparations for the regular season just around the corner. Before that, we have got one more preseason contest to get out of the way and then by this coming Saturday, the roster will be trimmed.  We offer up our best estimations on who makes it, and who gets chopped.

We also discuss the new contract extension for Tyler Lockett.  Is the 3-year $31.8 million deal a good one for the team? We give our opinions on the newly traded for back up quarterback, Brett Hundley, who the Seahawks acquired in a Wednesday trade with the Green Bay Packers. Seattle is reported to have given a 2019 6th round pick for the former UCLA QB. On balance, we both like this move, given the other options on the roster and pending roster cuts.

Again, thanks so much for the listen. Make sure you check back next week as Keith and I do our annual Regular Season Prediction Show. It’s always a great conversation and you guys get to pin us down on our regular season win-loss records and how we think the season is likely to unfold.  Of course, last year I was on record for 12 or 13 wins and Keith had at least 11 wins….and a strong contender for the Super Bowl. Yeah, not so much.  We are ready to give it another go this year however and we might be sipping a beverage or two in the process!

Until next time, Go Hawks!!