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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 199: Seahawks Face Cardinals in Rematch for Division Lead

Thanks for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for another edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! This week, Bill and Keith breakdown the loss to the Los Angeles Rams and then look ahead to the NFC West rematch between the 6-3 Seahawks and the 6-3 Cardinals. This game could go a long way in determining who has the upper hand in winning the division, and the general direction that the two franchises will take as we head into the home stretch of the 2020 campaign.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 198: Seahawks lose to Bill’s but March Ahead to Take On the Rams

Seahawks fans, wherever you may be, welcome back for another edition to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. This week, Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers breakdown the Bill’s loss and look ahead to an NFC West showdown with the Rams. What’s wrong with the defense? What’s wrong with the coaching? What’s wrong??? We demand answers! That’s been the week so far if you’re inclined to be on social media and follow the team this week. So we dive right in to all of it this week as Bill and Keith talk Seahawks football.

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Seahawks take down Rams - Cleveland is Next.

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 136

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 136: Seahawks take down Rams – Cleveland is Next.

Good day Seattle Seahawks fans and welcome back for another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. The Seahawks are coming of a great home win in the division against rivals, the Los Angeles Rams 30-29. That victory last Thursday evening took the Seahawks to a 4-1 record and now places them in 2nd place in the division after the San Fransisco 49ers beat the Cleveland Browns on Monday night Football and remain undefeated at 4-0.

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Seahawks Ride Short Week to Face Packers

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 89

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 89 Seahawks Ride Short Week to Face Packers

Bill and Keith welcome you back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. In this episode, we poor over the Seahawks performance and loss on the road vs The Los Angeles Rams. While we played close and we were in it until the last drive, playing from behind doesn’t suit this Seahawks team well, and as we have stated many times, the margin of error for this team is too small. None-the-less, there was a lot to like about many individual performances and even the team as a whole, but the Seahawks lost the game 36-31, even though Seattle lost for the first time in franchise history when rushing for over 250 yards on the ground. While the offense seemed to do just enough, the defense could not slow down the Rams prolific offense. The Rams simply were too much for the Seahawks for the second time this season.

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