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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 191: Seahawks Outlast Patriots / Showdown with Cowboys Up Next

Welcome back to the 191st edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers are as excited as ever to be joining you again this week to talk Seahawks football! In this weeks show we go over the ups and downs of the win vs the New England Patriots in Seattle. Seattle pulled out the 35-30 victory after they kept Cam Newton from scoring in the last remaining seconds of the game from just 1-yard out. The win moves the Seahawks to 2-0 and positions them as one of the best teams in the NFL. Russell Wilson is playing some of the best football of his football career and looks to be leading this team to a special season. It does remain clear that the defense remains far behind the offense at this point. The hope is this: Can the defense come together just enough this season to allow Russell Wilson to have a chance at getting the team to another Super Bowl? The window is clearly wide open this season so hang on!

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 190: Seahawks Clip Falcons Wings / Tee Up Patriots

Seahawks fans, welcome in to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! Your weekly Seahawks show featuring Hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers as we get you all caught up with team news and talk Seahawks football. Up this week, we finally played actual honest to goodness professional football. Not only did we play, we played extremely well in the first game of the season vs the Atlanta Falcons, winning handily by a score of 38 to 25. The defense had a solid outing highlighted by the exemplary play of new Seahawks Safety, Jamal Adams. The real damage was done on the offense, led by all-pro, and the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Week, Russell Wilson, who had one of his most efficient and best games as a pro. Wilson completed 31/35 passes for 322 yards, 4 TD’s and a passer rating of 143.1. Wilson became just the second quarterback in league history to throw at least 35 passes, complete at least 30 of those, have over 300 yards and have at least 4 touchdowns. (Drew Brees, 2011 vs Ind.)

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 188: 4th Annual Season Prediction Show

Seattle Seahawks fans, wherever you may be, welcome back to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. Episode 188 features our 4th annual season prediction show. Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers breakdown each match up of the season and offer up our win/loss predictions for each game. I believe we have been within one win or loss of each other in each of the prior three seasons we have done this, and this year is no different. I have us breaking through this season to once again reach the division title, while Keith Is one game behind me. Will that still be enough in the end to get us the division and a first round bye? Or do we limp into the playoffs as a wildcard again and fight on the road to get playoff wins? Listen to the show and find out!

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 187: Training Camp Week 4 Discussion

Seahawks fans welcome back for our latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. Join Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers as we take a deep dive into the Seahawks training camp and we talk Seahawks football! As we are now into the 4th week of training camp, we are getting closer and closer to September, roster cut downs and the first regular season game of the 2020 season. It does seem like getting to this point has taken forever, but hold on a little longer. We are here to help get you the rest of the way there! This week, we talk all the comings and goings around training camp, and we have a featured segment on rising players in training camp as well as players that are descending.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 185: Training Camp Week 2 Update

Seattle Seahawks fans, welcome back for the latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers are back this week to get you all caught up as we talk Seahawks football! In this week’s show, the conversation centers around the Seahawks secondary unit. With the recent addition of Jamal Adams, and the newly released from the commissioners exempt list, Quinton Dunbar, the dynamics of the secondary have drastically changed in the last couple of weeks. How will it all come together and just how good can the defense be in 2020?

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 184: Training Camp Week 1

Seattle Seahawks fans, welcome to the latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers are back this week to take a look inside the first official week of the 2020 Seahawks training camp. While it was seemingly a mostly uneventful time for players this past week, the team did emerge covid-19 free right out of the gate. Safety protocols dictate that the players and coaches pass through a 5 day daily testing period without testing positive before being allowed to begin team activities at the Virginia Mason Team Headquarters. The team can now begin testing every other day as long as it maintains a 5% positivity rate on its tests. It can also begin team meetings and on the field workouts without pads. Good news all around for a team locked out of its facilities since last winter.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 183: Training Camp Preview Featuring Jamal Adams Trade Discussion

Seahawks fans, welcome back to another edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! We finally made it to Training Camp week! It has been such a long off-season, so thank you so much for sticking with us each week to bring you the best Seattle Seahawks content that we can. This weekend also brought us the biggest blockbuster trade in the NFL this season when the Seahawks gave up two 1st round picks, a 3rd and Bradley McDougald for the New York Jets safety Jamal Adams! Wow!! Seattle also receives back a 2022 4th round pick in the mega deal.

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