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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 236: Live from Ozzie’s

Seahawks Fans, welcome to a special edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! Join your Hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers as we broadcasted Live from Ozzie’s Tavern in downtown Seattle for our Seahawks Training Camp Preview Show. We teamed up with Dan Viens of the Emerald City Sportscast for the crossover event of the year!  We were joined in hours 2 and 3 by special guest Corbin Smith of Sports Illustrated’s Seahawk Maven. Corbin is my very favorite Seahawks Beat Writer and the hardest working journalist covering the Seahawks full-time.

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Episode 235: 5th Annual Beer Sampling / Question & Answer Show

Seattle Seahawks fans, welcome back to this special edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! Episode 235 is our 5th Annual Beer Sampling plus Question and Answer Show. This has now become our little tradition, to celebrate Keith’s favorite hobby, of Home brewing. We combine the beer tasting with our other favorite pastime: Talking. We take listener questions and add in our own and have what amounts to one of our favorite shows each year.

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Episode 234: Top 5 Breakout Players on Defense

Seahawks fans, thanks for listening to the show! Your Hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers discuss their respective Top-5 Breakout Players on Defense. It’s a fantastic discussion and great up and coming talent to look forward to watching this season!

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Episode 233: Top 5 Breakout Players on Offense

Seattle Seahawks fans thank you for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for another edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. This weeks show is the first part in a two part series that looks at the Top 5 Breakout Players in 2021. Up this week: Offensive Players. Keith and Bill both bring in our lists and have a great discussion on a whole range of players and the impact we think they’ll have on the team, and the season this year.

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Episode 232: Top Five Story Lines on Defense to Follow before Training Camp

Seattle Seahawks fans thanks for joining your hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers and we talk Seahawks football! In this weeks show, we have our special guest Dan Viens from the Emerald City Sportscast joining us.

Right at the top, we have a very special announcement. The Seahawks Playbook Podcast in partnership with the Emerald City Sportscast will appear at a Live Show Event, July 19th at Ozzie’s Tavern in downtown Seattle. It’s our 2021 Seahawks Training Camp Kick-Off Show. Check out our website and Twitter for all the details. You’ll definitely want to try to make it down to Ozzie’s in person for drink and food specials, a live raffle featuring Seahawks pre-season tickets, five $50 Gift Cards to Fanatics.

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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 231: Top 5 Story lines on Offense

Seattle Seahawks fans, thanks for joining us for the 232nd edition of the Seahawk Playbook Podcast! Up this week: Your Hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers discuss all of this weeks news plus our featured segment looks at the Top Five Story lines to Follow on Offense as we progress towards the regular season.

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Episode 229: Julio Jones Trade Rumors / NFC West Update

Seattle Seahawks Fans, thanks for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for the latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Videocast! This week we dive into the current trade rumors swirling around Julio Jones and the possibility of the Seahawks acquiring the perennial pro bowl level wide receiver. What would the trade compensation look like? What would the Seahawks need to do to fit Jones under the salary cap? How would he fit with the current roster?

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