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Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 101 First Look: Free Agency / Defense

First Look: Free Agency / Defense

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 101

Seahawks fans wherever you may be, welcome back to the 101st edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast! Bill and Keith begin in earnest to look at the off-season for the Seattle Seahawks and first up is an initial look at the defensive side of the ball in free agency. Next week we will cover the offensive side of the ball. First we establish our cap room before signing our own guys, and then methodically go through the list of team free agents the team is likely to resign and ball park contract numbers to get us to a true cap space dollar figure that we will have to pursue outside free agents as we begin to rebuild this team for the 2019 campaign.

Next, we settle into looking at several potential free agents on defense, that could be a good fit for the team, both scheme fit and financially fitting into the team’s cap space. While both Keith and Bill do not expect the Seahawks to be the first out of the gate and sign the most expensive free agent on the market, the team will likely have about $25 Million dollars to spend so we can expect a certain level of activity from John Schneider. There are a lot of options in the 2nd and 3rd tier of free agents available, and we expect the Seahawks to sign 4-6 key rotation type players to the team.

So settle in and enjoy this edition of the show. Make sure you come back next week as we do the same thing on the offensive side of the ball.

Go Hawks!

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Bill Alvstad

Bill has been a Seahawks fan since inception in 1976. As an 11-year-old young man, he was lucky enough to have season tickets from 1976 through the 1989 Season. That enthusiasm for the team has never left and continues to this day.



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