Hello Listeners and welcome again to our special 100th episode of the Hawks Playbook Podcast!! It’s always an achievement when you stick to something for a sustained period of time, so today Keith and I celebrate with a special Question and Answer Show that may or may not have anything to do with football! Okay…..we can’t help ourselves, so there are plenty of football related questions spread over almost an hour and thirty minutes total run time.

We talk past, present and future Seahawks football mixed in with a ton of fun and unexpected questions on topics that range from your favorite phone app, to the most famous person you have ever met. Find out the most dangerous situation that either Bill or Keith have ever been in….and many many more fun topics.

Keith and I are thrilled to be able to meet up each week and not only talk Seahawks football, but to be able to record these conversations and share them with other Seattle Seahawks football fans so that we can share together in this journey following our favorite team. We hope you enjoy all of the podcasts, and you will return each week and join us for our next 100 shows!!

Go Hawks!!