It’s great to have you back for our latest edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Now that the season is fully over, it’s time to set up the off-season. How much cap room the Seahawks have, what we can expect the Seahawks to do in terms of resigning its own unrestricted and restricted free agents and extending a couple of key players.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to get under the hood and get your hands a little dirty, your going to love this show. Bill and Keith pull back the curtain and take a deep dive into the financial side of the Seattle Seahawks organization. We explain the salary cap in detail as it directly relates to our team. How much money do we really have to retain the guys we want to keep, as well as have money to spend when the 2019 free agency period begins in mid-March. We go on to detail who we think the Seahawks will resign, who they will look to extend, and a few players the Seahawks could elect to cut loose to free up additional cap space if it becomes necessary.

The best part of the show is our attempt at guessing what the contracts will look like for all these guys. One thing is very clear: There are going to be big time dollars flowing this off-season and players are going to be lined up to get theirs. Who are the winners and losers? Time will tell, so stay tuned to find out! This off-season should be the most active we’ve seen for the Seahawks in quite a few years!

Make sure to come back for next weeks show. It’s our 100th episode. An accomplishment that both Keith and I are very proud of. 100 straight weeks without missing a single show! To celebrate, we will be doing a free form question and answer show, where nothing is off limits. It should be lots of fun….which is what it’s all about!

Go Hawks!