Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 33 – Bye Week Follies

Open: Hello again and welcome inside the Hawks Playbook Podcast and the Bye Week edition of the show.  This week, Bill and Keith provide insight into where the Seattle Seahawks are at, sitting at a record of 3-2. The team entered the week tied for 1st place with the LA Rams, but after the Rams took care of business this week to improve to 4-2, Seattle finds itself, at least temporarily in 2nd place in the NFCW division.

What are the biggest positive surprises so far, and are the disappointments enough to derail a promising season? Next, we look forward to our next game. A Sunday Road match up with the now 1-5 NY Giants. What can we expect from the now rested Seahawks in the Big Apple? Finally, we look towards the remaining games and ask if our expectations need to be adjusted, or if we are right on track? 

      In the news:

  • The Seahawks appear to be in the market for an upgrade at Left Tackle during the break, but so far, have not added a player to the roster. LTs. Cordy Glenn, Duane Brown, and Brandon Albert are all in play.
  • Deshawn Shead, Dion Jordan and Malik McDowell all eligible to begin practicing after Giants game. McDowell not expected to be ready for a few more weeks, but the other two should be ready to start practicing with the team next week. It remains to be seen if and when those players will be added to the active roster any time soon.

Featured segment 1: Biggest Surprise / Disappointment


  • Offensive weapon
  • Offensive line
  • Defensive line
  • Linebacker
  • Defensive back


  •   Single Game
  •   Positional unit

Rest of the NFL

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Featured Segment 2: Adjusting Expectations

The Seahawks sit at 3-2. With a win over the Giants on Sunday they’ll be 4-2,  which is exactly what both of us predicted before the season began. Unfortunately, they haven’t been as dominant as expected, should our expectations change for this season?

Also, how does the Aaron Rodgers injury and Dallas under-performing alter the landscape of the NFC? What about the emergence of the Eagles and Rams?

Close:  Thanks again for joining us on the Podcast. Please take some time to follow Keith and Bill on Twitter. Keith is @MyersNFL and Bill is @NWSeahawk.

See you next week!