Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 90  Seahawks Pull Out The Win Against Packers

Hello Seahawks fans where ever you may be, welcome to our 90 show!! Keith Myers and Bill Alvstad get together again to have an in depth conversation about all things Seahawks Football! As usual, we start with our general observations and news of the week and we follow that up with an up close look at this past weeks match up. A Thursday night prime time affair with the Green Bay Packers at Century Link Field.  Seahawks pulled out the victory with a late 4th quarter comeback score that was vintage Russell Wilson and then closed out the last 4 plus minutes of the game with two first downs and the kneel downs from 2 minutes on.  Final score Seattle 27, Packers 24.

Keith and I have a great middle of the show where we talk about all sorts of players and contracts and team strategy going forward in the final 6 games and beyond into next off-season.  It’s really worth a listen.

Finally, we get into the up coming game with the Carolina Panthers on the road a week from this Sunday.  We break down Carolina and find its strengths and weaknesses before the key match up. We always seem to have a hard time with this team, and always seem to be facing them on the road in key in season battles that help decide the way the season is going to turn out.  Seattle is 5-5 right now and a win here could help turn the season on a dime, and turn a now .500 ball club into a playoff contender.  Every game down the stretch is important, but a win against a 6-3 NFC opponent who is also vying for a wild card playoff spot would be huge.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and we will see you on the other side.

Go Hawks!!