Welcome back Seahawks fans for another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. The season exceeded expectations by any measure, but when it ends with a thud, like it did in Dallas Saturday night, it makes it hard to walk away from the season feeling good. But you should definitely feel good about what your team was able to accomplish this year, but more importantly, have a great sense of hope about 2019 and beyond.

Bill and Keith do look forward to the 2019 version of the Seahawks in this show, but before we do, as always, we take a look back at the Dallas game and try to figure out what went wrong. Of course, it’s easy to point to obvious deficiencies in the play calling and execution, but it does run deeper than that. Through out our discussion and debate of the issues, we try our best to diagnose the Seahawks shortcomings, where they excelled and what we can do in the future to improve on this version of our favorite team.

We hope you have enjoyed the podcast this past season, and if you do, please let others know about us. It doesn’t stop after the last game however. We record and publish a new show each and every week including through out the entire off-season. Make sure you subscribe to the show on Itunes or your favorite podcast App so that you never miss a show. During the off-season, Bill and Keith will take deep dives into Free Agency and the NFL Draft as well as deeper looks into our own Front Office, Coaching Staff and Players.

Follow Keith on Twitter @MyersNFL and Bill is @NWSeahawk. The show can be found @HawksPlaybook. Join us for next weeks show which will feature an in depth look at our defensive roster and what we can expect the Seahawks to do in the off-season to improve upon it.

Go Hawks!!