Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 52: Q&A Anniversary Show

          Open:  Welcome back to the one-year anniversary show for the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Yep, Keith and Bill have been at it for one year now. Talking Seahawks football is what we love to do and it’s a pleasure to bring that discussion to you each week with the podcast. We don’t take weeks off in the off-season. So make sure you continue to come back each week, or better yet, subscribe to the show on iTunes or your favorite Android Podcast App so you don’t miss a single show.

This week’s show is all about fun.  It’s about celebrating sticking with it for our first year. We have several listener questions and we’ve added our own….and quite a few that are non-football related so you can get to know us even better.  So sit back, pop in the earbuds and enjoy the Q&A session with Bill and Keith!

Questions include:

  • Let’s talk Tyrone Swoops. Do you believe Swoops makes the roster this year and contributes, or is he just another camp body?
  • Under Brian Shottenheimer, does Russell Wilson have more, or less passing yards than in 2017?
  • Will the Seattle Seahawks win more, or less than 10 wins?
  • Jill / @NibblesDBun asks: Shaquem Griffin…. Do you think he goes early in the draft and what are the potential landing spots for him?
  • What is your all-time favorite movie?
  • (From queen_Lizm on Instagram) When will Bill Deliver me the shirt I was promised for listening to the second coaches show?
  • Will there be a sequel beer and Hawks show this summer?
  • Can you predict the largest contract the Seahawks extend to a Free Agent in 2018?
  • Can you predict how many more years that Pete Carroll will coach the Seattle Seahawks?
  • Can you predict how many yards the Seahawks leading rusher will have in 2018?
  • Keith, before you became a writer and football nut for the Seahawks you were a teacher. Do you ever think about going back to that?
  • Who is your favorite Seattle Seahawk of all time?

Thanks again for your patronage. Both Bill and Keith truly appreciate every listener.  Be sure to follow Bill and Keith on Twitter. Keith is @MyersNFL and Bill is @NWSeahawk.  Until next week….Go Hawks!!!