Hawks Playbook Podcast ~ Carson Rushes past Cowboys – Cardinals Preview

We are back with the 82nd episode of the Hawks Playbook Podcast, your source for weekly Seahawks news and conversation. This week Keith and Bill look back at the first win of the regular season. A 24-13 stomp over the Cowboys at Century Link Field. This was a game that was all about reestablishing the teams run first identity, and Seattle did just that. With 39 rushes from scrimmage in this game, the Seahawks ensured that Carson was going to get the rock. Carson ended the game with 32 rushes for 102 rushing yards. While his yards per carry average wasn’t mind blowing, a middle of the road 3.2 YPC, it was effective in creating a balanced offense and created the identity that had been missing in the first two games.

Look, if you’re going to come out for the entire off-season and say you want to run the ball. You come out and hire new coaches to emphasize the run, and you draft a running back in the first round and sign a 345 pound guard in Fluker to pound the ball…..You should probably commit to doing that in the actual games. Do it. Own it. Be good at it. The Dallas game was a good start.

The defense continued to look solid and very good at times. Seattle continues to generate turnovers and appear to be playing a little better than most of us anticipated before the season. If the offense can play to their potential and the defense continues to do their thing, the season is far from written off as some wanted to declare after the first two games. They did look awful. But it’s amazing what a nice solid win can do for team confidence as well has re-instill hope to a fanbase that is used to team success.

On to the Arizona Cardinals in the desert. This game does represent a legit chance to climb back to a respectable 2-2 record. Cardinals still have a decent defense that will try to slow down the run and put pressure on Wilson to get off his spots. But the Cardinal offense is terrible and will be starting rookie QB Josh Rosen, the number 10 overall pick in this year’s draft. The Seahawks intend to slow Johnson in the run game and after that, put the football in the hands of Rosen and force him into as many mistakes as possible….which so far, Seattle has been able to capitalize on this seasons with 7 interceptions.

Next up is the LA Rams at home, but first let’s go take care of business at Arizona!

Go Hawks!!