Open: Welcome to the Hawks Playbook Podcast with your Hosts, Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers.  This weekend marks the opening of the Seattle Seahawks Training Camp at the Virginia Mason practice facility in Renton, Washington. The very first training camp took place 41 years ago! Wowzah!  In today’s show, Bill and Keith will focus on what questions should be answered by the end of camp. Who we think will step up, and who we think might fall.

In the News:

Russell Wilson visits China and throws a bomb off the Great Wall of China! Not a real bomb silly!  Russell grabbed a football and launched a rocket of a throw over the Wall.  Russell’s promoting a brand of some sort and being the football ambassador that he is with tons of kids in tow and multiple stops in the country.  I just hope he gets back off that wall in time to focus on professional football in the Great Northwest!

Treyvone Boykin had part of his legal troubles dismissed as no criminal misconduct was found in the case that was most serious against him and would have been a possible probation violation and landed Boykin a serious fine, and even additional time in jail. Boykin spent a bit of time riding in cars with contraband and out drinking and crashing into drinking establishments. Boykin still faces a misdemeanor charge in Dallas that Boykin will likely only face a fine for.  This is good news to say the least for the Seahawks who hopefully can now count on Boykin to stay out of trouble and remain as the #2 QB on the team.

Featured Segment: Training Camp

We made it!  Camp is finally here, which means that we have nonstop football to talk about from now until the clock ticks to zero time left in the Super Bowl…and all indications point to the Seahawks having as good a chance to get there and win it, as any other team.

  • Let’s talk training camp logistics for just a minute: Where is it? What is it and why should you figure out a way to attend at least one practice session each year?
  • The single biggest question before camp starts that will be answered before it ends is this: Who are our starting 5 offensive linemen and where will they line up.
  • Who is likely to win the running back camp battle between Lacy and Rawls? Either way, it’s good news for the team.
  • Can Shaq Griffin emerge from camp and the #2 corner opposite of Richard Sherman?
  • Prediction: Camp surprise: Who is the biggest surprise to make the 2017 roster?

Camp Surprise: Who is the biggest surprise Cut by the end of camp?

  • General thoughts about other key areas of interest before camp officially starts on Sunday, July 30th.

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