Open: It is our first-annual Beer and Expectations show! This will be a longer-than normal show as Bill and Keith consume beverages on air while discussion the upcoming season.

News: Kam Chancellor gets married.

Segment 1: Beer (for tailgating, or not!)

Keith and Bill sample a variety of beers, and discuss the process of creating everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverage. They discuss the different beer varieties, and what makes each one unique.

Beers to be sampled during the show:

Keith’s Homebrew

  • Caribou Slobber (Moose Drool clone)
  • American Stout
  • Milk Stout
  • Vanilla Bourbon Porter

Commercial Beer

  • Guinness (for comparison to Keith’s stouts)
  • Mystery Norwegian Lager
  • Pfrim comparison Lager

Segment 2: Expectations for 2017

Will the defense bounce back? Will we see a drop off from vets like Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett? If so, who is ready to pick up the slack?

Will the offense be better? Does it all swing on improvement from the offensive line, or are there other reasons to be optimistic for the offense.

Will the team be better overall? How many wins is realistic? Is anything short of a Super Bowl a disappointment?

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