Seattle Seahawks fans, thanks for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for the 5th Annual Mock Draft Episode of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. We cover a lot of ground in this show, at nearly 1 ½ hours. Seahawks draft strategy, trades and of course, the picks. Each of us bring our own method of trades, and strategy to maximize value for Seattle in these two independent mock drafts.

We wanted to mention that we used the Draft Simulator from to generate our trades and draft picks for this show. We set some basic rules before we started: First,. we must make our first selection before the 65th overall pick, and second, we could not end the draft with more than 6 total picks each. Keith did his work and Bill did his, and we independently brought in our Mock Drafts to discuss. We always have a great time with this show, and it is really an accumulation of all the work that we have put into the last three months, of scouting draft prospects, and the years we both have, at following the team and the draft. Join us next week after the draft as we examine who the Seahawks selected and how they will integrate onto the roster. Go Hawks!