The Hawks Playbook Podcast welcomes you to our latest show! Join Keith Myers and Bill Alvstad as we breakdown the win vs the Cleveland Browns. Generating turnovers, a blocked punt and another stellar Russell Wilson performance were enough to win on the road and send the Seahawks to a 5-1 record. The Seahawks have only done that 2 other times in franchise history and have a chance to keep adding to that victory total this next week vs the Baltimore Ravens at Century Link Field.

Baltimore comes into Seattle sporting a 4-2 record and an excellent 2nd year quarterback in former Heisman winner and 1st round pick, Lamar Jackson. Jackson really can do it all and has been wildly successful in 2019. Last week alone he had 152 yards rushing on 19 attempts and an additional 236 yards passing on 21 of 33 attempts. He’s just a dynamic player. He favors the quick one read passing game, but does not hesitate to tuck the ball and run. He’s the best running QB in the NFL. Just a natural.

Do the Seahawks have enough on defense to stop the Ravens offense? Can the Wilson led Seahawks offense out power and outscore the Ravens? Make sure to come back next week as Keith and I pour over the details and review the game, as well as we’ll get our first look at next weeks game against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta.

Go Hawks!