Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 37 – Seahawks Stand at 6-3 but A Big Totem Falls

Open: Welcome once again to the Hawks Playbook Podcast, your source for all things Seattle Seahawks! In today’s show, Bill and Keith take a look back to the Arizona Cardinal game that saw the Seahawks come away with win in the desert, but had many players suffer game ending injuries, but none was even close to being as bad as the season ending ruptured Achilles Tendon injury suffered by the larger than life Richard Sherman.

This injury is the worst possible injury or close to it, that a CB in the NFL can have, because corners depend so much on their speed and quick change of direction agility.  All we can do at this point is hope that Sherman returns to play for the Seahawks at some point.  It might be too much to expect him to be back for the beginning of the 2018 campaign.  With this injury, and others to many starters, the Seahawks will have to make some adjustments and personnel changes.  We’ll go over those.

In the News:

  • Byron Maxwell signs a one year contract to return to the Seahawks. Prorated, Maxwell will receive approximately $375,000 for the remaining 7 games.
  • Carroll says there is a chance Chris Carson can return at some point in December
  • Carroll reports that we could see Luke Joeckel return to the line this week
  • Carroll says that DeShawn Shead’s return “remains to be seen” and said he has hit “a bit of a plateau”.
  • Carroll thinks Earl Thomas should return to action vs Atlanta on Monday night.
  • It has been determined that Wilson and the Seahawks did in fact violate the league’s concussion protocol on the sidelines vs the Cardinals. The Seahawks may face fines, or worse.

Featured Segment: The Costliest Win. A Win vs Cardinals 22-16

In a game that will be remembered more for the day Richard Sherman was injured, than the win itself. None the less, it moved the Seahawks season record to 6-3, and in the competitive playoff hunt in the NFC. Seattle currently sits as the 5th playoff team and a wild card berth.

  • Dion Jordan had a sack! Before this game, it had been 2 years, 10 months and 12 days since Jordan last played in an NFL game. Look for him to continue to have an impact at DE.
  • Richard Sherman, the starter at left corner for the Seahawks since Oct. 30, 2011. Sherman a started in over 100 regular season games and 12 playoff games, including 2 NFC Title Games and 2 Super bowls, winning 3 of 4 of those. Sherman has multiple pro bowls and All-Pro credits to his name. We will miss you Richard Sherman. Get well and come back!
  • Who Takes Sherman’s place? Lane? Shead? Thorpe? Coleman? Maxwell???
  • Wilson ended up at 22 of 32 for 237 yards and 2 TD’s and a 111.2 passer rating for the game, despite constant pressure and the offensive line allowing 5 sacks and several hits. Russell Wilson leads the league in passing yards and is in the top 10% of the league in multiple categories. He also leads the team in rushing yards and attempts, and accounts for 82.1% of team’s total yards and 95.2% of its total TD’s.

Featured Segment Two: Monday Night Matchup at Home vs The 5-4 Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn brings his falcons back to where it started for Quinn in the NFL, under the tutelage of Pete Carroll. Quinn had the Falcons on the doorstep of a Super bowl win last year before a 2nd half explosion by the Patriots snatched that victory away.  It was a most bitter loss and arguably, the Falcons have yet to completely recover.  Their defense has been very lackluster, and their offense has not been able to do enough so far to put them back in contention.

  • Atlanta’s offense is 5th in net yards per pass attempt, and 5th in yards per carry, showing a typical Falcons balanced attack.
  • Devonta Freeman is likely to miss the game due to receiving his 2nd concussion on the season in the 2nd quarter vs the Dallas Cowboys. It is Freeman’s 3rd concussion overall with the Falcons so look for them to be very cautious in bringing him back too quickly. Freeman had 515 yards on the season and 5TD’s on 116 carries.
  • Heading into week 10, the Falcons offense were 2nd in the league in yards per possession and 8th in points per possession.
  • Falcons possess the league’s worst average starting field position, beginning drives on average at their own 24 yards line.
  • Falcons ranked 27th in DVOA on defense. Atlanta’s defense has allowed 11 TD’s passing and only have 2 interceptions. 6 takeaways overall on the year.


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