Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 68: Seahawks Coaches Show

Welcome back to another addition to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Today’s show is all about the Seattle Seahawks coaching staff. Bill and Keith discuss Pete Carroll of course, and then we turn our attention to the key additions to the staff this off season. Coach Shottenheimer, Coach Solari and Coach Norton Jr. were all hired early in the off season and replaced Bevell, Cable and Richard respectively.  We discuss each new coach, the role that they have on the team and how each coach will carry Pete Carroll’s message to their respective groups, and bring in their own elements to try and bring out the best of their players.  We also take a deeper look into the long list of assistant coaches on staff and how it all fits together.

While we agree that this group of coaches lacks the youth and innovation that some fans were clamoring for, it does bring a seasoned steady the ship mentality that will continue to promote Pete Carroll’s messaging and philosophies in install a continuity that the team has been lacking the last few seasons.

Thanks again for listening to the podcast. Please join us for the next two shows. Bill and Keith talk about which players need to step up on defense and on offense.

Go Hawks!