Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 69: Who Needs To Step Up On Offense?

In this exciting episode, Keith and Bill break down 5 offensive players (plus a few bonus additions) that need to step up for the Seahawks in order for the team to make the playoffs in 2018. The list will have a surprises for most fans, since the big names aren’t the guys listed.

Ultimately, if the Seahawks are going to have a good season, it is going to be through Pete Carroll’s philosophy on offense. They’re going to have to run the ball very well, and they’re going to have to hit a number of big plays off play-action.

Our list reflects this shift in the offensive scheme. Seattle won’t be able to get away with having running plays regularly blown up in the backfield. They’ve also seen a lot of offensive production walk out the door with the departures on Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson. They’re going to have to replace that production somehow.

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