Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 67: First Roster Look – Cornerbacks and Special Teams

Hello Hawks fans and welcome back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Today’s episode takes a deep roster look at the cornerback position group and we devote a bit of time at the end to talk special teams as well, to wrap up our multi-part look at the current 90-man roster as we head into summer.  Both Keith and I are very comfortable with our starting three corners, Griffin, Maxwell and Coleman, but after that, the position is somewhat thin if something should happen to any one of those main guys.  The best of the remaining bunch could very well end up being rookie Tre Flowers, but we won’t know that for sure until most likely the mid-way point of the 2018 season. He will definitely be a player to keep an eye on as the season progresses to see if he can steel any snaps away from Maxwell. If Flowers takes a bit extra time to develop, this could be one position group on the team that the team looks to solidify by adding a player before the season, just for added depth and insurance.

In The News: 

Just after Keith and I recorded the show, Earl Thomas let it be know via Instagram that he intends to hold out until he receives a new contract extension and provides a longer term financial security blanket for him and his family going forward. While this news does not come as a complete surprise, his representatives and agent made assurances to Seattle’s front office that Earl Thomas would be a full participant in mandatory mini-camp and training camp when it came.  Time will tell how this plays out, but if I had to bet, Thomas holds out for a while and then Seattle comes to the table with a sizable offer so that Earl does not miss any regular season game time.

We hope you have enjoyed the series looking at all of the position groups on the team. Next up we move our discussion to the Seattle Seahawks coaches. Lots of turnover this year so we have a ton to talk about next week!  Until then…..Go Hawks!!