Bill is off in Hawaii (lucky guy!), but that doesn’t mean that we’ll miss a week here on The Hawks Playbook. We’ve posted a show for 117 weeks, and there is no way that we’re stopping that streak now.

To make up for the lack of Bill and his incredible made-for-radio voice, we welcome the first guest host in the history of The Hawks Playbook. Dayna O’Gorman from OurTurf Football joins Keith all the way from Kansas City to talk Seahawks football.

Keith and the substitute-Bill discuss how amazing it is that there are only 3 players still on the roster from the 2013 team. Things have changed, but also not. That 2013 team was special, but it was built in the same manner that the current team was. It is young, hungry, and comprised mostly of players on rather cheap contracts.

Listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think. Also, be sure to check out Our Turf Football and support the ladies over there that have put together some amazing content. Thanks Dayna!