Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 59 – Draft Prospects – Defensive Backs

            Open: Welcome back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast fellow 12’s! Keith and I are pleased to have recorded part 4 in our 4-part look at the 2018 NFL Draft. Today we look at the last two position groups we have yet to cover, Corner backs and Safeties. When you look at the proven talent currently on the roster, it is particularly thin at corner back, and when you look at safety, both position enter the draft with serious uncertainties. Will Kam Chancellor be medically cleared to play this season, and with trade rumors swirling around Earl Thomas, will the All-Pro free safety still be on the team in 2018, or will we see a trade before or on draft day?

As Keith and I were evaluating this draft class, and this position group, we took those factors in mind and created a list of players to profile all up and down the entire draft. Keep in mind, we have Delano Hill and Bradley McDougald who can suit up at strong Safety…. Kam’s spot, and Tedric Thompson and again Bradly McDougald can man the free safety spot which now belongs to Thomas.  Of course, both Hill and Thompson are coming off of there rookie seasons and neither was able to earn significant playing time last year, so we really don’t know if we have potential starters there, or if they are just serviceable backups.  Of course, the Seahawks and John Schneider undoubtedly have a plan…. probably several in place to address this in the draft.

The Seahawks currently have 8, day three draft picks.  A fourth, 4 fifths and 3 seventh round pics. So, it seemed logical for Keith and I to focus on players that could be available to the Seahawks during those rounds, and of course, players that fit into the player profiles that the Seahawks seem to favor.

Again, as always, we had a great discussion about a lot of players, scenarios and how the roster currently sits as we head into next week’s draft. We also discuss the Earl Thomas trade possibility and what that would do to our potential draft, and we get into the Malik McDowell news that the former 2017 2nd round pick might be released by the Seahawks any day….without playing a single down for the football team. A real tragedy for both parties obviously.

Thanks so much for joining us for episode 59! Make sure you come back for next week show which will publish on Monday, the week of the draft.  It’s the Hawks Playbook Podcast’s 2nd annual 7-Round Mock Draft episode! Keith and I will meet up in person for this special show, and Keith will be bringing his Irish Red Ale and Cold Coffee brewed Stout home brew! Of course, I will do my part and take care of the Traeger smoked meats and other goodies.

Go Hawks!!