Seahawks Playbook Podcast listeners, thank you for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers for the latest episode of the show!

In this episode, we are recapping the week 11 loss at home to the Arizona Cardinals. A team that was with out rising star QB Kyler Murray as well as WR De’Andre Hopkins. It didn’t matter.

While the game remained close on the scoreboard through three quarters, the game was not close on the field as Arizona racked up over 400 total yards and 40 minutes of possession time. The increased their win total to 9 wins on the year and in sole first place in the NFC West division and currently hold home field advantage as the NFC’s best team.

As for the Seahawks, while they are not mathematically eliminated from getting into the playoffs, it seems like this season is over. The team would have to win out the remaining 7 games on the schedule to get to 10 wins that would give them a shot at the 7th seed. But as of now, the offense shows no signs that it will be able to turn things around, at a high enough level in order to do so.

Now it seems like we are on another journey for this season and beyond. It’s time to find out what we have, in some of the younger players on the roster. Give them some snaps, so that when the team is planning for free agency and the NFL Draft this spring, they will have jump started the process of remaking this team.

How large of a rebuild remains to be seen, and that story shall be written over the next several months. So for now, it’s time to focus on individual performances and players that deserve to stick around in the long run.

It seems some how appropriate that we are having this conversation during the week of Thanksgiving. When it comes to the Seahawks team, we as fans and those that cover the team have so much to be thankful for, over the last decade and beyond. It’s truly been a franchise best run of some of the best football and players we will see in our lifetimes. For that, I am truly thankful!

Enjoy your holiday and be with those that you love!

Go Hawks!