Seattle Seahawks fans, thank you for joining Bill Alvstad, Keith Myers and the Seahawks Playbook Podcast for our latest episode! Your favorite Seattle Seahawks Podcast!

Up this week. Big changes! We are in our new studio! We have a new show format! We have joined forces with a National Podcast Network, The Pigskin Podcast Network! Everything else is the same! 🙂

First and foremost, you should know that Bill and Keith are committed to the show 100%, and we plan on continuing to produce this show until we can no longer talk. There will be some noticeable changes coming. Notably, after looking at our internal analysis, we have concluded that our listeners would greatly benefit from additional shows each week with each show being reduced in length. So beginning with this show, the podcast will be produced 3 times each week at a length of half and hour each. This gives you the same great content, in easier to listen to chunks, three times a week.

Next, the other big change to the show itself is our online studio. We will have increased graphics and the ability to bring in video clips, audio and other features to enhance the listening and viewing experience. We will also eventually begin to live-stream our shows two times a week beginning in September.

The last significant change is our new agreement to join the Pigskin Podcast Network. This is a great opportunity to align with a partner organization to help us with our outreach to new listeners, as well as provide us a revenue stream to keep this thing going. Yes, that does mean we’ve moved to the dark side, and there will be one or two Ad placements in our shows now. This will typically be an ad at the very beginning, or in the middle of our broadcast.

As we get used to the new studio, our ability to enhance the show with additional videos and graphics will evolve over time. Please be patient with us, as we are learning as we go! Thanks everyone!

Go Hawks!