Seattle Seahawks fans, thanks for joining Bill Alvstad, Keith Myers and the Seahawks Playbook Podcast for our latest episode.

In this show, we normally would be previewing the upcoming game against the 49ers, but we have reached a point in the season where the opponents mean less and less, and we begin to turn our attention towards internal player and team evaluations.

Why you ask? Simple. The games and remaining wins and losses are meaningless for the remainder of the season. The only thing that matters for the rest of the 2021 season is evaluating the players that have a chance to be part of the 2022 roster. While this is not what we expected when we set out on the 2021 season, the fact of the matter is we sit at 3-8 with six games remaining. While we are not yet mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, it is virtually impossible to imaging this team winning six in a row to give themselves a shot.

So going forward, you will hear us talking about individual performances. Discussing players that should be getting more playing time, and a general conversation about where we go from here, and what off-season strategy we will likely see play out. Only one thing is certain this off-season. Big changes are coming.

Go Hawks!