Hello Seahawks fans! Bill is out of town this week on vacation leaving me (Keith) to cover this disaster of a game all by myself. Honestly, he picked a good week to get away, and the complete dismantling of our Seattle Seahawks was extremely difficult to watch. It was even harder to re-watch on the coaches tape to prep for this week’s show.

Show Notes:

No Bill this week so instead you get a stream of consciousness from co-host Keith about the future of the Seahawks. Despite all the speculation that the Seahawks could begin a rebuild this offseason, they lack the draft resources to do so in any significant way. Instead, there is a high probability that the Seahawks will bring back the current core of the team for one more season and hope for better injury luck.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes. There is a good chance that Sheldon Richardson, Luke Joeckel and Jimmy Graham will all walk since their contracts are up. Those three will give Seattle some much-needed draft capital in 2019 to begin to reshape this team with younger players.

There is also a very-real chance that the team will make some coaching changes, especially on offense. Tom Cable archaic version of the Zone Blocking Scheme no longer works after the league changed the rules on cut and chop blocks. This year’s run game has been an indictment n Cable’s inability to adapt.

And if Cable is gone, it makes sense to let most of the offensive staff go as well and bring in some new ideas and energy to the team. They could definitely use a fresh set of eyes to help the team find some new innovative ways to use Russell Wilson’s unique skill set.


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Go Hawks!