Welcome to the latest edition of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. In this bi-weekly episode, Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers turn our attention to the other teams of the NFC Western Division. The Arizona Cardinals, the Los Angeles Rams and the San Fransisco 49ers. We look at what each team has done so far this off-season to improve, remain the same or slide into decline as they are compared to the Seahawks. Each player lost, retained or added is discussed, and where each team is currently positioned in the division hierarchy as we head towards the draft. One team is clearly on the up rise, while a recent Super Bowl team is on the clear decline.

Our next show will be out this next Friday, and features very special guest, Brandan Schulze of the Seahawkers / Field gulls Podcast. Brandan is coming in to talk about all the defensive standouts in this upcoming draft and which of those players would be good fits on the Seahawks defense. Make sure you don’t miss the show.

Go Hawks!