Welcome Seahawks Fans to another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. As the title of this show suggests, yesterday ran the full gambit of Seahawks football emotions. From elation early in the day that we had found our off-season pass rusher in Ziggy Ansah, a premium talent and the DE/Edge position that the Seahawks desperately needed. While it’s true, Ansah has been injured…..is currently injured, he was the best option for the team to pursue in this 3rd phase of free agency. We also signed another CB, FB and G as well, and it’s likely the Seahawks won’t stop there.

Now for the “Lost” part of the title. The Seahawks released both Kam Chancellor….AND Doug Baldwin yesterday. I’ll be honest here. Both moves were somewhat anticipated, especially Chancellor and that one took no one by surprise. The release of Baldwin however, came on like a ton of bricks. It was so abrupt and sudden. We knew there were reports out there that Doug may never play another down for the Seahawks….but…..you always hold out hope that those kinds of reports are more speculation than truth and you’ll wait to hear it straight from Doug Baldwin, or the team. Well, we heard it from the team that both Chancellor and Baldwin could not pass a medical physical and were released by the team. Not because the team is throwing them to the curb….because all parties together have agreed to this path and it’s more than likely both players have played their last down for not only the Seahawks, but for any franchise.

So Keith and I had a whole show planned apart from this news and all of it was upbeat and positive. So, we delayed that a bit and spent the first 20 minutes talking about the players we just lost and what it meant to us and to the fans and franchise….it is truly the end of the golden age of Seahawks football….an end to an era. We refused to allow the whole show to be a downer, so we dutifully continued to discuss our scripted show…..Free agent signings and the rookie mini camp…..Lot’s of good stuff there.

Thanks again for joining us!

Go Hawks!!