Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 65  First Roster Look: Defensive End & Defensive Tackles

Open: Welcome back to another addition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast.  Today Keith Myers and Bill Alvstad continue our series of shows looking at all the position groups on the roster.  Next up: Defensive ends and defensive tackle groups.  Both groups face critical departures from last years team. Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril are gone now at defensive end, and Sheldon Richardson’s one-year stint at defensive tackle is over and he’s moved on to the Vikings. In their place are a group of old veterans and unproven young talent.  As we go through each player, we will examine the projected starters and the depth that will make up this year’s unit.

Close: Thanks again for listening to the show.  Come back next week when Keith and I go over the Linebacker and Safety groups.

Go Hawks!!