Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 201

Seahawks fans, wherever you may be, welcome back to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast! Join Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers talk Seahawks football. This week we discuss the victory over the Philadelphia Eagles this past Monday night as well as look ahead to the upcoming home game vs the New York Giants. We are in the middle of the so called easy part of the schedule where the Seahawks finish the season with the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. After the Giants, it’s the Jets and the Washington Football Club before finishing the season against the Rams and 49ers. Things do seem to be lining up well for the team in December, and the Seahawks do have a real shot at 12 or 13 wins on the season and a chance for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. This would be the best path towards the Super Bowl as the team has had in 5 years. The good news? The defense seems to have finally found it’s footing this season after struggling mightily. Both the pass rush and pass coverage have greatly improved. It’s almost as if they go hand in hand. Hmmmm. The bad news is that Russell Wilson and the offense continue to be in a little mid-season funk and haven’t been nearly as prolific as the first half of the season. There is still plenty of football left to get things corrected before the playoffs, so I’m confident they can find there way to better play down the stretch.

Go Hawks!!