Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 188

Seattle Seahawks fans, wherever you may be, welcome back to the Seahawks Playbook Podcast. Episode 188 features our 4th annual season prediction show. Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers breakdown each match up of the season and offer up our win/loss predictions for each game. I believe we have been within one win or loss of each other in each of the prior three seasons we have done this, and this year is no different. I have us breaking through this season to once again reach the division title, while Keith Is one game behind me. Will that still be enough in the end to get us the division and a first round bye? Or do we limp into the playoffs as a wildcard again and fight on the road to get playoff wins? Listen to the show and find out!

Make sure you come back next week as we post our 53-man roster reaction show.

Go Hawks!