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Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 130: The Roster Prediction Show

The Roster Prediction Show

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 130

Welcome to our 3rd annual Roster Prediction Show. Keith and I composed our own 53-man rosters and present them here for the first time on the show. We take our best educated guess as to how the roster cut downs will happen on Saturday afternoon.

Make sure you comeback next week for one of the biggest shows of the year. It will be our 3rd annual Regular Season Prediction show. We will go over and analyze each weeks opponent and do our best to predict the Seattle Seahawks win-loss record for the year. This is always an entertaining show. So far I think Keith has me beat two years in a row with his predictions….so definitely my turn this year! We shall see.

Go Hawks!!

About The Author

Bill Alvstad

Bill has been a Seahawks fan since inception in 1976. As an 11-year-old young man, he was lucky enough to have season tickets from 1976 through the 1989 Season. That enthusiasm for the team has never left and continues to this day.



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