Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 165

Welcome back to the show Seahawks fans. In our latest episode, Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers take a break from serious football discussion and turn our attention to “What If” scenarios in the 2020 NFL Draft, and other Seahawks related speculative discussion. We have been diving in to the serious nature of the off-season for weeks on end at this point, so it was time to throw in a show to mix it up a bit. Of course, even with some far fetched speculative moves in the draft, we always try to find a way to create a realistic outcome out of it.

Come on in for a fun and not too serious look at Seahawks football…..and the minds of Bill and Keith!

Make sure you join us early next week for a annual Mock draft show where we each bring in our own mock to discuss players and strategy in detail, and finally, we are going to do a big Question and Answer show on the first day of the draft, so if you have questions to submit, please do so on our Twitter pages, and we’ll make sure to answer them on the show!

Go Hawks!