Seahawks fans wherever you may be, it’s good to have you back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. We have reached NFL Combine week, so it’s time for Bill and Keith to breakdown performances on the offensive side of the ball today, and we will come back later in the week and review the defensive side of the ball with another show.

We start with a review of press conferences by General Manager John Schneider and Head Coach Pete Carroll. Each of them spoke at the podium last week for about 15 minutes and gave little insights into the team’s direction this off-season. Next, We cover all 5 position groups on offense beginning with the offensive line and ending with the running backs. We cover a lot of ground in over 1:20 minutes of discussion. Players, workouts, drills, and the draft all come into play. It’s a great listen, especially if you are just trying to get caught up in the first half of the combine.

Again, next Thursday, Bill and Keith will sit down again and record a show where we just focus on the defensive guys from the combine. After that, the next couple of shows will focus back on free agency which begins in less than two weeks!! Fun times!!

Go Hawks!!