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Month: April 2018

2nd Annual 7-Round Mock Draft Show

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 60

EPS 60 Podcast: 2nd Annual 7-Round Mock Draft Show

Welcome back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Today’s episode is our special 2nd annual 7-round mock draft with trades. And Keith and I are recording the show in person for just the second time, and Keith brought home brewed beer!! We will sip on Keith own Irish Red Ale and a exceptionally excellent Cold Brewed Coffee Milk Stout as we go through the show. Keith and I researched and compiled our independently selected 7-round mocks and we were each allowed 3 trades. Two trades up front to drop back for extra picks, and one trade in the middle rounds to move back up. It was a really fun recording session and we think, a great podcast. And with that, lets get started!

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Draft Prospects - Defensive Backs

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 59

EPS 59 Hawks Playbook Podcast – Draft Prospects – Defensive Backs

As Keith and I were evaluating this draft class, and this position group, we took those factors in mind and created a list of players to profile all up and down the entire draft. Keep in mind, we have Delano Hill and Bradley McDougald who can suit up at strong Safety…. Kam’s spot, and Tedric Thompson and again Bradly McDougald can man the free safety spot which now belongs to Thomas. Of course, both Hill and Thompson are coming off of there rookie seasons and neither was able to earn significant playing time last year, so we really don’t know if we have potential starters there, or if they are just serviceable backups. Of course, the Seahawks and John Schneider undoubtedly have a plan…. probably several in place to address this in the draft.

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Hawks Playbook Podcast - Draft Prospects – Defensive Front 7

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 58

EPS 58 Hawks Playbook Podcast – Draft Prospects – Defensive Front 7

Hello listeners and welcome back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. This show is the 3rd of 4 shows in the pre-draft player evaluations. Today is the Front 7 on the Defense. Defensive Tackles, Defensive Ends and Linebackers. Keith and I spent considerable time looking at each position group and identifying players at each level of the draft that we believe the Seattle Seahawks will be looking at. Both of us spent extra time focusing on mid to late round hidden gem types with Athletic upside that could come in and compete to be rotation type players this year but could provide their real value down the road as they could potentially see starting roles in 2019 and beyond.

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Draft Prospects: Offensive Line / Blocking TE Show

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 57

EPS 57 Hawks Playbook Podcast: Draft Prospects: Offensive Line / Blocking TE Show

Thanks for joining Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers again for the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Each week we bring you over an hour of original listening content about your favorite NFL team, The Seattle Seahawks! In this weeks episode, as part of our 4-part series leading up to the draft, we look at the offensive line and blocking TE units. The team currently has a total of 8 day three picks in the draft, now just weeks away. While Keith and I speculate that the team will not use an early pick on these units, we could see the team ad a lineman and tight end in rounds 5-7. So that will be our focus in today’s show. Lineman that fit the athletic profile of what Mike Solari and the Seahawks will be looking for. You will be scratching your head with most of these names because you’ve never heard of them, but chances are, the Seahawks will have a few of these guys in their sights for late round development projects, to add depth, and to compete for a role down the road.

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