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Year: 2018

EPS 46: Coaching Carousal

Shottenheimer was hired to execute Pete Carroll’s philosophy and vision and sublimate his own interests, and continue to develop an offense around the dynamic Russell Wilson at quarterback. If what you were after was a young, unproven but up and coming innovative force as offensive coordinator, then you will be disappointed. Pete is going back to his tried and true philosophy of a rock-solid run game, and he trusts that Wilson is far enough along in his development to ensure that we will still have a dynamic passing attack.

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Year In Review Plus Player Awards

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 45

EPS 45: Year In Review Plus Player Awards

Welcome to another addition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. Join your hosts Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers as we dive into the 2017 Seattle Seahawks regular season from free agency and the 2017 NFL Draft, the first regular season game vs. The Packers all the way to the last Blair Walsh missed field goal and the 26-24 loss at home to the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, the season started with great hope that this could be another special team, and make a deep run into the playoffs, but it fizzled out in the end. Why did we have so much hope at the beginning and how did we get to such an ugly finish? Bill and Keith will spend a lot of time talking individual players and evaluating performances, and with that, we have our first annual Hawks Playbook Awards. We will hand these out in several categories, like Player of the year for each position group, including coaches, and a few other categories just for fun.

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A Fitting End to A Less Than Ideal Season

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 44

EPS 44: A Fitting End to A Less Than Ideal Season

It was a fitting and darkly poetic finish to the season, as the game encapsulated all that was wrong with the under performing season. Slow starting offense with 24 first half yards, a great comeback effort by Russell Wilson and crew, only to be thwarted by unfortunate and ill-timed penalties that allowed the Cardinals to score on their last drive, and force a last second field goal attempt by Walsh who missed. The 2017 season in a nutshell.

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