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Month: March 2019

Countdown to the Draft Volume 1

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 108

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 108: Countdown to the Draft Volume 1

Welcome back Seahawks fans. Bill and Keith have another great show for you as we discuss the weeks events and news and begin our countdown to the draft by looking closer at the offensive line and Tight Ends this week.

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Seahawks Free Agency So Far

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 107

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 107: Seahawks Free Agency So Far

Welcome back to another edition to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. In this episode we have a special visit from my Dad in the studio. At 78 years old, Ted Alvstad was a founding season ticket holder in 1976, and he came in to chat for a minute or two about the history of the team, especially as it relates to free agency and the draft and compares it to today. Thank you Dad for your contribution!

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Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 104: 2019 NFL Combine/ Offense

Seahawks fans wherever you may be, it’s good to have you back to the Hawks Playbook Podcast. We have reached NFL Combine week, so it’s time for Bill and Keith to breakdown performances on the offensive side of the ball today, and we will come back later in the week and review the defensive side of the ball with another show.

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