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Seahawks Playbook Podcast Episode 172: Covid-19 and the Impact on the 2020 NFL Season

This week is a very difficult topic, but Keith and Bill felt it was the right time to begin the discussion of the Covid-19 Corona virus and it’s impact on the upcoming 2020 NFL Season, and specifically, your Seattle Seahawks. We drew inspiration for the show from John Farley’s article on Field Gulls last week titled: “Why the Season Doesn’t Happen”. John methodically goes through possible disruptive issues the league could encounter as it progresses through the remainder of the off-season and transitions into the regular season games. Keith and Bill take on each point and discuss the issues to the best of our abilities.

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Current State of the National Football League

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 123

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 123: Current State of the National Football League

Good day Seahawks fans and welcome to another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. This week, Keith and I deviate away from our usual weekly rundown of all things Seahawks football, and we take a closer look into the league itself.

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