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Month: July 2019

Training Camp Preview Show

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 125

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 125: Training Camp Preview Show

Seahawks fans wherever you may be, welcome back to another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast! Today as we discuss training camp, Keith and I are joined by our very special guest, Dayna O’Gorman, Senior Sports Writer for OurTurf Football. Dayna brings a ton of insight and football expertise to the conversation this week as we preview the 2019 version of Seattle Seahawks training camp.

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Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 124: Q & A / Beer Show

Thanks for joining us for a very special episode where Keith and I get together, ask each other a bunch of questions and drink beer! Keith has brought forth a few of his special home brewed beers and I have brought a couple of micro brews in. As we sip away, we get into some great Seahawks conversation as usual by asking each other questions covering a whole host of topics. It really is fantastic and insightful and were pleased you’ve come along for a listen.

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Current State of the National Football League

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 123

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 123: Current State of the National Football League

Good day Seahawks fans and welcome to another edition of the Hawks Playbook Podcast. This week, Keith and I deviate away from our usual weekly rundown of all things Seahawks football, and we take a closer look into the league itself.

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Position Group Review / Safeties & Corners

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 122

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 122: Position Group Review / Safeties & Corners

Happy 4th of July Seahawks fans. Keith and I are pleased to be able to release a new show today to give you something to listen too as your floating down the river, or setting up to barbeque or making your way to the fireworks festivities! It’s always a great day to listen to a Seahawks podcast, but we hope we can add a little bit of fun to your well earned day off and a day to celebrate.

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